9 Thoughtful Host Gift Ideas to Bring to Your Next Party

Engraved cutting board with giftwrap surrounding it

What do you bring when you visit a family or friend’s house for dinner or a party? Typically, a side or dessert is an obvious choice, but what about a gift for the person hosting? Here are some ideas to help you decide on that perfect host/hostess gift. For simplicity in this post, I will be using the word host to include both host and hostess.

Kitchen Related Host Gift Ideas

Kitchen Gift Basket

Put together a simple gift basket. The basket can be themed for a specific holiday or just filled with kitchen gadgets or decor such as a personalized cutting board, a fragrant candle, dish towels, a personalized mug, or nice kitchen utensils (wooden spoons, whisk, etc..). Put all of these items in a nice basket that the host can reuse somewhere in their home. 

Cocktail Accessories

Cocktail and lime wedges


If the host enjoys alcoholic drinks, a cocktail accessory would be a wonderful hosting gift! From a nice cocktail shaker to a wine opener, you can’t go wrong. These can also be monogrammed or personalized if you have extra time. 

Personalized Charcuterie Board

Walnut Paddle Cutting Board with Monogram Engraving


A charcuterie board is a huge hit for the host of anything from a girls’ night in to a birthday party. Anyone who loves to host, will appreciate a personalized charcuterie board to put out for parties and events. Pair the board with some of their favorite cheeses, and they will be sure to enjoy this gift!

Nice Bottle of Wine/Liquor

A nice bottle of wine or liquor can be paired with the cocktail accessory or given by itself as a gift. If you already know their favorite type of wine or liquor, buying this gift is easy. If you aren’t sure, go to a local wine store, and ask the person who works there for suggestions. Typically, the people working at those stores are relatively knowledgeable about wine and can point you in the right direction!

Box of Chocolates or Candies

If the person hosting is a dessert lover, pick up a nice box of candies! Look online if you have the time, for a custom candy box. They will love this, and can either put them out during the party or enjoy them after the crowd leaves as a way to wind down and treat themselves.

Non-Kitchen Related Host Gift Ideas

Bath Set

Spa gift basket set

Hosting a party is fun, but it can also be a lot of work. Relaxing after hosting, is a wonderful way to wind down. Giving the host of the party a nice bath set is a great way to recognize the work they’ve put into hosting.

You can get a pre-made set from a local store or get a little more creative and put together  your own set including several different bath items. Some ideas include nice bath salts, bath bombs, shower gels, candles, and lotions. Put all of these in a basket or tray and top with a cute bow or ribbon to give the gift set a finished look.

Party Game

Bring a game that the host can open for the guests to play or save for later. You might even save the event if the host forgot to plan something fun to do. Then later, they can enjoy the game with their family or roommates.

Gift Card

Giving a gift card as a host gift is a wonderful idea if you run low on time and need to pick up a quick gift on the way to the party or event. If you know the host’s favorite restaurant, stop by and pick up a gift card from there. If not, you can’t go wrong with a gift card to a big box store, online shop, or even to a local movie theater.


Stationary is a simple gift, and is easy to find at most stores. If you have more time, order monogrammed stationary for a more personal touch. Either way, the person receiving this gift will be glad they have it. Stationary is great to have for times you need to write down a quick note if a letter needs to be sent out to a friends or family.

Use these host gift ideas to make your life easier before attending a party or event.

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