Charcuterie Boards for Every Occasion - The Ultimate Guide to Charcuterie Boards

Round charcuterie board with wreath design

Do you remember, as a kid, going to the grocery store with your mom and begging for her to buy you one of those pre-made cheese and cracker lunch packs? Well, if your mom is anything like mine, she probably rarely said “yes” to buying you one. Charcuterie boards are the fancier and more grown up version of those lunch packs. 

What exactly is Charcuterie? It is the preparing and assembling of meats. Most people, when creating a charcuterie board, will pair these meats with things such as cheeses, crackers, breads, nuts and spreads. Arrange these on a nice slate or wood cutting board to complete the overall look.  

Types of Charcuterie Boards

There are so many different ways to assemble a charcuterie board. It really depends on the occasion as to what you would put on the board. They can also be as fancy or casual as you’d like.


The most common charcuterie board will typically contain a variety of cheeses, meats, crackers or beads, and spreads. Also, the board can be garnished with some olives, fruits, and fresh herbs. This classic charcuterie board can be served as the main entrée or set out as an appetizer for a big party. 


Wooden serving boards with desserts on top

Have you ever looked for a way to make dessert just a little different? A simple way to do this is to serve it on a cutting board, and you’ll have a delicious dessert charcuterie board! 

There are so many ways this can be done. Really, anything goes with these dessert boards. Try to have some variety of colors, shapes and textures. In place of crackers and breads, put out a variety of cookies, scones, and mini cakes. For some color, add different fruits (dried and fresh). Of course, chocolates and candies are also always a good idea. Also, add some small bowls filled with jellies, nuts, and even spreads such as peanut butter, hazelnut spread, or chocolate spread. You really can’t go wrong with a dessert cutting board!


Are you hosting a holiday at your house? Put out a holiday themed charcuterie board! Whether it is Christmas, Easter, a birthday party or sporting event, a festive charcuterie board is an easy way to impress guests.

This board can have a color theme for the holiday you are celebrating or be simple and classic. Add extra touches to it such as colored hardboiled or deviled eggs for easter, star shaped cheeses for Christmas, or mini birthday cakes for a birthday themed board. Also, put out themed plates and napkins for guests to use while eating these delicious treats.

Charcuterie Gift Baskets

Adults can be difficult to buy for. If you are stuck trying to find that perfect gift, put together a charcuterie gift basket. This basket can be custom to whoever you are buying for!

Hostess Gift Basket

A charcuterie basket is the perfect host gift. Start with the board itself. This can be slate or wood. Make it a personalized cutting board to add that extra special touch. With the board, include a variety of cured meats, cheeses, jams and spreads, crackers, and nuts. Add a nice bottle of wine, and put all of this together in a basket the host can use again for something else.

Teacher Gift Basket

If you have kids in school, you know how much teachers should be appreciated. Whether it is for a holiday, teacher birthday or teacher appreciate day, finding a perfect gift can be tricky. If you know what their favorite foods are, gifting them a charcuterie basket is a great idea! It can be a classic basket with cheeses, and meats, a dessert basket with candies and cookies, or even a coffee themed basket with personalized mugs, coffees, and scones.  

Entertaining with Charcuterie Boards

Walnut charcuterie board

From girls night to throwing a big party, charcuterie boards make entertaining so much fun! Find your favorite cutting board, and arrange all of the food on the board before your guests arrive. Along with your charcuterie board, make sure you have utensils and food picks for the guests to use. Also made sure to have something nice for your guests to drink. This can be a good bottle of wine or a fancy cocktail.

Get creative with your board! If you have extra time, fold the meats in a variety of ways and cut out the cheeses into different shapes. 

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