Favorite Christmas Traditions- 7 Ways To Make the Holidays Special

Holiday wreath, gingerbread cookies and hot chocolate laid out on a table

Christmas time is such a magical time of the year. From family gatherings to all of the festivities around town, there is just so much fun to be had! The traditions we create with our family and friends are what make the holidays such a special time.

Traditions to Start with Kids

Kids of all ages love the holidays. From simple to elaborate and fun, the traditions we create with them can last for many years to come. 

Baking Holiday Treats

Gingerbread cookies

Not many kids would turn down a sweet holiday treat. And what kid doesn’t love to help out in the kitchen when it’s time to make these delicious holiday treats? Whether you are making cookies for the neighbors or a special treat to bring to a cookie exchange, have your kids join in on the fun! 

To make this even more special for your child, surprise them with some personalized baking items such as a new apron, chef’s hat or monogrammed cutting board. From icing sugar cookies, to preparing the dough for ginger bread men, there is always something they can help with regardless of their age!

Decorating Gingerbread Houses

Gingerbread house decorated with candy

If you want to give your kids a fun holiday project in the kitchen that doesn’t involve cooking, decorating gingerbread houses is the perfect activity! Whether homemade or store-bought, set out some gingerbread (you can also use graham crackers). Along with the gingerbread, put out different colors of icing, candies, and sprinkles. Your kids will be sure to have the best time with this holiday activity!

Look at Christmas Lights  

Find a night your family is free, and plan to drive around and look at Christmas lights. As soon as it gets dark, have everyone in your family put on their pajamas or comfy clothes. Get a list of the best lights in town, and pile in the car! Go through a local drive through to grab hot cocoa for everyone. Play your family’s favorite Christmas music while driving around looking at lights and drinking hot cocoa. Make sure you do this close enough to Christmas to ensure that everyone has their lights up- you wouldn’t want to miss any!

Give Back to the Community

While Christmas time can be a wonderful time of the year, there are people in this world who might not have the means to enjoy it. This is something our kids might not be able to fully understand, but talk to them about different ways they can help.

There are many organizations that collect toys and gifts for kids in need during the holiday season. Have your child help pick out a gift for a boy or girl in your community. Your kid will love shopping and can also enjoy that giving feeling. Another way to help out if you have older kids is to serve food at a local homeless shelter during the Christmas season. They will be able to experience giving back first hand. 

Traditions for Anyone

Kids, of course, make the holiday season so much fun. Having said that, if you don’t have kids of your own, the holidays can still be fun and enjoyable. You can obviously do all of the traditions I mentioned above as well as many more!

Cookie Exchange Party

Christmas cookies wrapped up in ribbon

Not that any of us need another excuse for a holiday party, but hosting a cookie exchange would be an excellent one! This can be done with just family or you can make it a bigger party inviting family, neighbors, and friends. Welcome everyone with a holiday themed cocktail. Tell everyone to bring several dozen of their favorite holiday cookie and the recipe to hand out. 

Also, you could cast votes for the best looking or most delicious cookie. Put together a gift basket for the winner. This basket can include items such as a holiday scented candle, personalized cutting board or charcuterie board, wine, holiday themed glassware, a mug, or Christmas candies.  

Attend a Local Holiday Play or Show

Look at your local theater for upcoming holiday plays. Most bigger cities (and sometimes small towns too) will have several different Christmas and holiday shows you can attend. It could be a family friendly play or even a Christmas themed ballet. Make it a nice night out! Call your close friends or significant other, get dressed up, go out to a nice dinner and end the night at a holiday play or show. 

Christmas Cards

During the holiday season, everyone loves checking the mail to see how many holiday cards they got that day. If you haven’t already, start this year and send out some cards to your family and friends. They can be a card with a professional family photo or even a store-bought Christmas card.  

Christmas time is such a wonderful time of the year. Use these ideas to help create many Christmas traditions and memories for years to come.

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