Simple Holiday Decor Inspiration - Ideas for Any Style

Simple Holiday Decor Inspiration - Ideas for Any Style

A wonderful way to get into the holiday spirit is to decorate your home. Imagine yourself sitting in your nicely decorated home while cozied up next to a fire going in the fireplace with a glass of red wine or a cup of hot cocoa in your hand. It doesn’t get a whole lot better than that, does it? 

Kitchen Décor

One of the most used rooms in the house, especially during the holiday season, is the kitchen. From cooking and eating with your family to hosting big holiday parties, this room most likely gets a lot of use. From simple to elaborate décor, decorating the kitchen can be so much fun! Go through all of the items you’ve put out in the past to figure out what you’ll need and want to buy. 

Baking a holiday dessert

Functional Kitchen Décor

Knowing you’ll need items such as plates, bowls, glassware and serving trays, go ahead and purchase those with a Christmas theme. Also, switch out your current placemats and hand towels for some with Christmas colors! Another useful way to add to your holiday décor, is to purchase a personalized Christmas-themed engraved cutting board. This can be displayed against your kitchen wall as décor, but can also be used when chopping up food for a holiday meal!

Wooden cutting board with monogram

Aesthetic Kitchen Décor

If you are someone who loves to decorate and go all out for the holiday season, add extra décor - it doesn’t all have to be functional! 

Keep your kitchen festive by adding a small Christmas tree on the countertop or corner of the room. Maybe have this tree be flocked or a different color than your main tree. You can never have too many Christmas trees, right? Also, add some garland with lights above your cabinets, and a wreath on the kitchen window. 

Another way to add some holiday cheer to your kitchen is to put together a wonderful Christmas-themed center piece by using a large round cutting board or tray. Top the cutting board with a fragrant candle along with other décor such as a small Christmas tree, plant, or ceramic holiday figure to complete the centerpiece. 

Family Room Décor

Whether it is movie night or a bigger holiday event, the family room is another common gathering place for families as well as guests, especially during the holiday season. Use Christmas décor to create a cozy feel in your family room.

Traditional Family Room Décor 

Stocking hung over fireplace mantle

When it comes to decorating for Christmas, are you someone who loves to keep things super traditional? Keeping your décor more traditional can often give you that sentimental feeling many of us look for during the holiday season. If this is something you are trying to achieve, keep it simple. Decorate your Christmas tree with colored lights and put up those favorite homemade ornaments. 

Also, if you have a fireplace with a mantle, go ahead and hang your stockings from it using traditional stocking holders. Add some garland with lights to give it a finished look. To the side of the fireplace, you could have a basket filled with holiday blankets and pillows so they are easy to grab when you want to cozy up next the fire on a cold night. 

Trendy Family Room Décor

It seems like nowadays, most stores start putting out Christmas décor as early as October. If you are someone who likes to keep décor trendy, start browsing early. 

Try just switching out smaller items such as throw pillows, Christmas ornaments, and other knick-knacks. If you’ve had something like a tree skirt for a few years now, maybe consider switching it out for a tree collar.

Because trends come and go relatively quickly, try to keep super trendy décor minimal. That way, it is easy to switch out from year to year.

Outdoor Décor

Light up reindeer lawn decorations

Decorate the outside of your house to fit your personal style. It doesn’t have to be elaborate to look nice! 

If you are someone who likes to keep décor minimal, change out your wreath for a Christmas themed wreath and add some lights on your porch or around your bushes. You could even find some deer or angels to place in your yard with lights to match. However, if you love adding a lot of outdoor décor to your yard, there are so many options out there! There are even companies you can hire to put the lights and décor out for you.

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