Themed Gift Baskets - Thoughtful Ideas for any Budget

Gift basket filled with wine and flowers
Have you ever been stuck when trying to figure out a gift for someone? It’s so hard find that one perfect present. Putting together a themed gift basket is so fun and can be the perfect gift for any occasion!

Gift Baskets for a New Parent

Personal Care Basket

Gift basket filled with personal care items

It is common for a new parent to focus so much of their time and energy into their new baby, often forgetting about themselves. Giving the parent a basket full of items for just them is a thoughtful way to let that new parent know it’s okay to pamper themselves. 

There are so many options out there now for personal care! If you want this basket to be focused on bath products, include items such as bath bombs, bath salts, bubble bath, a new sponge, lotions, a bathrobe, or slippers. A food and drink basket is another idea for a new parent. This can include their favorite wine or liquor as well as nice chocolates, cookies, cheeses, or nuts.

Baby Gift Basket

From an endless number of diapers and wipes to clothes and toys, there are so many items a new parent will need. Babies grow so quickly. Even if a parent is fully prepared for a newborn baby, the next stage will come quickly and there will be something else they need. 

There are many different types of baby gift baskets you can put together. One idea is to make a basket full of grooming essentials. This can include diapers and wipes as well as baby lotion, burping cloths, or baby shampoo.

Another really fun gift basket idea for a new parent would be a clothing gift basket. This can range from essentials such as basic zip-up footed pajamas and onesies to a special occasion dress or nice outfit. Include some accessories such as hair bows and cute socks, and you can help the new parent create a complete outfit for their baby!

Holiday Gift Baskets

Kitchen and Food Basket

Walnut wood cutting board with first and last names laser engraved in the middle

Does the person you are buying a gift for love to cook? If so, put together a holiday themed kitchen gift basket!

Whether the holiday is Christmas, Halloween, Easter or any other holiday your friend celebrates, there are so many ways to create a holiday gift basket. Be sure to include items such as themed hand towels, cute coffee mugs, wine or beer glasses, and their favorite holiday snacks and treats. To make this gift basket more personal, add a monogrammed item such as a nice engraved cutting board to the basket!

Holiday Movie Basket

Who doesn’t love a good holiday themed movie night at home? A movie themed gift basket would be extremely easy to throw together! Buy some popcorn, personalized popcorn bowl, holiday themed candy, a DVD or iTunes gift card, and even a holiday themed cozy blanket! Put all of this together in a nice basket, and the recipient will have everything they need for a cozy at home movie night!

Gift Baskets for a Kid

Artist Basket

Art supplies including colored pencils and watercolors

If you are buying for a kid who loves art, create an artist basket for them! Art supplies are so easy to find at almost any store as well as online! This basket can be filled with items such as paints, brushes, and canvases. If the child is younger, you can make it age appropriate and fill it with crayons, coloring books, and stickers. Regardless of a child’s age, there are are so many options for this basket!

Baking Basket

A baking basket is the perfect gift for any kid who loves to help out in the kitchen. This basket can include so many different items depending on how big or small you want to make it! You can add things such as cupcake liners, cake or cookie mix, and sprinkles. If your budget allows, add items such as a monogrammed apron, personalized cutting board, a chef’s hat, or a cookbook.

Gift Card Basket

Are you trying to buy a gift for a kid who already seems to have everything? Or maybe you are buying for picky teenager. Either way, creating a gift card basket is the perfect way to be sure to give a gift they will love!

This basket can be done to fit every budget. If your budget is tight, purchase small gift cards to their favorite fast food restaurants, ice cream shops, or candy stores! If you have a little more to spend, you can put together a basket full of clothing store, music and movie gift cards.

Gift baskets always make amazing gifts. Regardless of who you are buying for, this should give you some good gift basket ideas.

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