Housewarming Gifts - 9 Thoughtful and Useful Housewarming Gift Ideas

A couple sitting in their new home with moving boxes around them.

Chances are, you probably know someone who has recently moved or is in the process of moving. When you visit them, make sure to not show up empty handed. Choosing a housewarming gift shouldn’t be difficult. Here are several ideas to help find that perfect housewarming gift.

Gift Baskets

Putting together a gift basket to give as a housewarming gift is an easy way to show you are thinking of them. Start by figuring out what kind of theme the basket will have. If they love cooking, make a kitchen gift basket. If they love coffee or enjoying a glass of wine or cocktail at the end of the day, do a basket themed around that. 

Kitchen Gift Basket

To start off a kitchen themed gift basket, find a container or nice basket to put everything in. Make it something the person you are giving it to can use in their new home. This can be anything from a nice wicker basket, a mixing bowl or even maybe a bundt pan. Next, add items you know they’ll use in their kitchen. If they love to bake, add things like wooden spoons, whisks, a spatula, and cookie cutters. If this person loves to keep a sparkling clean kitchen, fill the basket with cleaning supplies. Another great addition to any kitchen themed gift basket would be an engraved personalized cutting board

Engraved wooden cutting board with produce around it.

Coffee Gift Basket

Is this person a coffee lover? If so, make them a basket filled with coffee themed items. Start with some nice coffees. These can be regular, decaf or flavored. Then add items like flavored syrups and coffee spoons. A nice personal touch to this basket would be some personalized coffee mugs. These can have their names, or a funny saying personal to them. Also, it wouldn’t hurt to add in some snacks they can enjoy with their coffee.

Wine Basket

Wine bottle in a woven basket.

Bring your friend or family member a wine themed basket if they love enjoying a glass of wine at the end of the day. Put in a nice bottle of their favorite wine along with some engraved wine glasses, crackers, cured meats and cheeses, and nice wine bottle opener. To soften the look of the basket, add in some nice dish towels. 

Beer Basket

If beer is their drink of choice, bring them a basket filled with their favorite beers. Add in some nice beer glasses such as pint, pilsner or pub glasses. Make them more personal by having the glasses engraved. Snacks such as pretzels, crackers, and snack mix would also be a great addition.

Outdoor Gifts 

A housewarming gift your friend or family member can enjoy outside is perfect if they love the outdoors. This can be anything from supplies to use in their home garden to a nice set of grilling tools. 

Gardening Supplies

Aloe vera plant with home garden supplies.

Does your friend or family member have a green thumb? Or maybe they don’t, but they’ve mentioned they would like to start learning how to garden in their new home. If so, give them some gardening tools they can use. This can be as simple as some nice gardening gloves and a small garden shovel or maybe a bigger gift like a nice planter box with some seeds to start a herb or flower garden. 

Grilling Tools

Who doesn’t enjoy grilling on a nice day? Give your friend a nice set of grilling tools. This is a practical, yet fun gift. Also, get the outside of the set of tools engraved to personalize this gift. 


It is so much fun to decorate a new home. Any kind of new home decor makes such a great housewarming gift. 

Engraved Sign

A nice, personalized sign is a gift that anyone would love. The sign can be wooden for a rustic look or maybe they would like a simple sign they can hang by their front door or entry hallway with their name or initials. Your friend will be able to display this sign in their new home giving it a personal feel.  


Who doesn’t love a nice smelling candle? This gift is very traditional, but always makes a wonderful housewarming gift. If you want to make it more personal to your friend or family member, you can have a custom label made for the outside of the candle. 

Welcome Mat

Red welcome mat with brown shoes on it.

The first thing you’ll see when you arrive at someone’s home is a welcome mat. Gift your loved one a personalized welcome mat for their new home. You can get the mat to have their last name or a fun greeting on it.

You won’t have to stress about visiting your friend or family member in their new home empty handed. These ideas are all useful and thoughtful housewarming gifts to give to them as a “congratulations” on their new home. 

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