Ultimate Home Bar - 11 Ideas for Accessorizing Your Home Bar

Gold cocktail shaker with martini glasses and napkins

Whether you are someone who likes to hang out in the comfort of your own home while enjoying a cocktail with peace and quiet, or someone who entertains all the time, a nice home bar set up is a must! The bar doesn’t have to be big and fancy to be nice and functional. Here are some ideas to help build your at home bar or even add to the bar you already have. 

Bar Tools

To prepare a good cocktail or beverage, you’ll need to right tools to do so! These tools can be used for preparing a fancy mixed drink or just used to open a bottle of wine.

Cocktail Shaker

A good cocktail shaker is a must have bar accessory. They can be used for making fruity vodka based cocktails, strong whiskey drinks, and anything in between! The purpose of a cocktail shaker is to make sure all of the ingredients for the drink are blended together. Also, adding ice to the cocktail shaker before shaking is an easy way to cool your drink down right away.

Bottle Opener

Two engraved wine bottle openers on a slate coaster next to wine corks

If you are someone who loves a nice glass of wine after a rough day, invest in a good wine bottle opener. You can also get the wine opener engraved if you want it personalized. If beer is more your thing, a beer bottle opener would be the perfect addition to your at home bar. It can be a small one you keep in a drawer by your bar or a wall mounted bottle opener.

Cutting Board

A personalized cutting board would make a great accessory for your bar. This can be engraved with your name, initials or even a funny or catchy saying. Use this cutting board to cut up fruit or garnish for your drinks. This can be lemons, limes, mint, and a variety of other things! Also, this cutting board can double as bar décor.

Bar Décor

A nice looking bar will be one that is more inviting for not only your guests but also will be nice for you to enjoy. If your bar is decorated to your taste and style, it will feel more personal to you.

Bar Sign

Having a sign for your home bar is a nice personalized touch. This sign can be customized to say whatever you want. A large neon sign would be perfect for a basement or man cave bar. To go with something a little more classy, you can get a customized wooden sign or even get a nice looking letter board to display at or above your home bar. 

Bar Book

Books make great, useful décor. Find a nice looking bar book filled with cocktail recipes. This book will be used over and over again when you are looking to try a new recipe or need help remembering an old favorite.


Engraved leather coaster set with cocktail in a rocks glass

If you are looking to add something to your bar that is not only decorative, but also practical, a nice set of coasters would be a great addition. Also, if you get leather, stone or an engravable material, you can get the set of coasters personalized. 

Art Work

Add character and color to your bar by hanging a nice piece of art. This art work can be large or a gallery of smaller pieces. Also, if you don’t have room to hang the art work, it can be displayed on the bar or a shelf close by.

Bar Glassware

You can’t enjoy a nice drink without the proper glassware. This can be anything from what to serve the liquor or mixed drink in or a smaller individual glass. 

Rocks Glasses

Drinking your favorite whiskey in a nice rocks glass will make the drinking experience wonderful. There are a variety of types of rocks glasses and you can get them engraved to personalize the glasses. 


Whiskey decanter with two rocks glasses and ice bucket

A whiskey or wine decanter is something that should be in most home bars. They are used to serve drinks in and also help to remove sediments from your wine and make the experience more enjoyable. When purchasing a decanter, you can usually find decanter sets that also include individual glasses.

Wine Glasses

When it comes to choosing a wine glass there are so many options. From stemless wine glasses to delicate stemmed wine glasses or even sturdy wine tumblers there is something out there for everyone and every occasion. You can also get these engraved for a personalized look. 

Beer Glasses

Three engraved pint beer glasses

If you love enjoying an ice cold beer after a long day, it is important to have a glass you love to drink it out of. This can be a frosted beer mug, a pint glass, a pilsner glass as well as many others. A collection of beer glasses and mugs is a must have for a well rounded at home bar.

There are so many ideas and options out there to make your bar inviting and well stocked. Use some of these to make yours a place you’ll want to spend a lot of your time and invite others to as well.

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